Musical Instruments

 Harmonica, Kazoo, Whistle

Right hand:

Left hand:
Guitar, Cymbal

Right feet:

 Bass drum

Left feet:
 Snare drum, Hi-Hat, Tambourine

About Performance

 During my performance bubbles float from my drum flying all around while the music play.

 Small pieces of paper can also be disbursed softly and safely from my drum. They don’t fire out and there is no loud sound involved.

Revolving guitar:
 I keep the entertainment moving by ramping up my guitar and revolving it on my belly.

Drum Roll Drill:
 Hand drill that when put on guitar turns, then produces a drum roll sound.

Stage type

Roving Styke

 Roving is like one-man marching band. In a shopping mall or large event place, this style can move around and entertain while playing music like a marching band. People can listen to my music from afar with my amp or I can perform to a smaller closer crowd. Every time my one-man band shows up people get excited! Fans big and small enjoy great music and fun entertainment with bubbles and confetti!
 Funny Tombow is both a musician and a performer. His show’s message is about “Dreams” and “Personality”.